Syra Coronel
Syra Coronel, a Customer Success Representative at Voiply, is a dedicated worker who enjoys spending time with her family and loved ones outside of work.
Customer Success

As a Customer Success Representative at Voiply, one of the things I enjoydoing outside of work is spending time with my family, loved ones, andrelatives. One important lesson that has deeply impacted my life is the valueof perseverance. It has taught me to stay focused and motivated, to not give upwhen things get hard, and to keep pushing myself to be my best. The Bible anddaily devotionals serve as a significant resource that keeps me grounded.

Working at Voiply brings out my most creative side by experimenting withnew ideas and collaborating with my colleagues. An instance where I faced adifficult challenge at work involved persistently encouraging team members tosupport each other positively and stay motivated during setbacks.

The best part about my job is being able to provide helpful andinformative responses to customers' questions and assisting them in resolvingtheir issues. When balancing work with family, social, and other commitments, Imanage my time effectively, communicate openly, and practice self-care. I ampassionate about social justice and human rights and advocating for equaltreatment and protection for marginalized and vulnerable communities such asracial minorities, women, and LGBTQ+ individuals.

Set clear goals, collaborate effectively with colleagues and supervisors,and communicate efficiently are my advice for staying motivated and inspired tocontinue achieving success in my profession. For newcomers to a similar role,communication is essential to building strong relationships and achievingcommon goals.

My current role involves teamwork and collaboration, sharing knowledge,providing feedback, and supporting each other to deliver excellent customerservice. The unique skills or traits that I possess and can be highlighted inmy profile include providing consistent responses to similar questions,ensuring that users receive accurate and reliable information. My managers atwork have had the best impact on my professional development, and I appreciatetheir guidance.

I find meaningful projects or initiatives by being with my family, doinglots of activities, and spending quality time. To stay ahead of the curve andmeet future success in the long term, experimenting with new technologies andapproaches is essential. Interestingly, while my childhood dream was becoming apolicewoman, I ended up as a chef before I landed this role.

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