Voiply's Robocall Defender App for a World without Phone Scams!

Robocall Defender gives you the power to fight back against spam calls and texts — and live life spam free.

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If you have a phone, you’re a target for phone scams. But we think everyone should have the tools to fight back.

Take back control over your phone — and your life.
Robocall Defender is your secret weapon to disarming the threats and distractions of unwanted calls and messages.

Together, we can stall, screen, and stop unknown calls so that you can live life spam free.

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The best app for blocking spam calls and texts

No more spam. Seriously.

Unlike other call-blocking solutions that rely solely on user feedback, Robocall Defender uses a predictive spam call blocking algorithm that proactively analyzes each incoming call before it rings your phone, and determines whether it’s spam — all in less than a millisecond. We also audio fingerprint the robocall and store it in our global database so they can’t strike again.

Our technology is 99% effective at stopping spam calls and unwanted messages.

Powerful scam protection = peace of mind.

The FTC estimates annual losses of $1,200 per phone scam. The second you sign up for our service, you’re protected from more than 500 million known phone scams in our global database. To date, RoboKiller has prevented more than $400 million in losses to phone scams.

You’re in the driver’s seat.

Robocall Defender offers the most customizable call blocking on the market. Control the level of blocking you want, create custom block/allow lists, pause blocking when you’re expecting an important call, pre-screen safe but unknown numbers, set phone number range blocking to reduce spoofed calls, and more.

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