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Landline phone service in the United States, provided by carriers like AT&T and Verizon, offers reliable and clear voice communication. While it was once a staple in homes and businesses, its popularity has waned due to the growth of mobile and internet-based alternatives. Landlines persist in rural areas and as backup systems, emphasizing their role as a dependable communication option.

Available in all States

Landline phone service in the United States remains available through carriers such as AT&T, Frontier Communications, and CenturyLink. Popular states like New York, Texas, and California retain substantial landline coverage, particularly in rural areas. These carriers offer reliability and connectivity, serving residents and businesses with a range of voice and internet options, although landlines continue to decline in favor of wireless services.

Available in all Cities

Landline phone service in the United States, offered by carriers like AT&T, CenturyLink, and Verizon, remains accessible in major cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. It provides stable connectivity, especially in urban areas, and is favored by businesses and some residents for its reliability. However, landlines have seen a decline in popularity with the rise of wireless and internet-based communication options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to common questions about VoIP technology, features, compatibility, and more.

What is VoIP?

VoIP allows you to make calls over a network, anywhere there is an internet connection available. It works just like a traditional landline, Voiply offers a great deal of features that traditional landlines cannot offer, and best of all, they’re free!

Will my internet work with the Voiply service?

You can review the results of your speed test above. Voiply Online works well with most Internet providers, and setup is as easy as plugging in a toaster!

Can I use my Voiply service on the go?

With the Voiply app you can use your service anywhere you have a Mobile or WiFi connection.

If I lose power will I still be able to make phone calls?

No, in most cases you will not be able to connect calls if there’s a power outage. Our cloud-based system works over the internet. During a power outage, your router will not be able to function — which means there will be no internet access. The only exception to this is if you have a backup power source that could power the router (and therefore maintain your internet connection).

What is Free Number Porting?

This means you can bring your old phone numbers for free with you when you switch to Voiply. We do not charge any fees for switching your number to us.

How easy is setup?

Setup only requires internet (modem/router) and about 5 minutes of your time! Our phones are plug and play right out of the box, which means you can start making and taking calls in record time!

Can I get a trial of your phone system?

Yes, we have a hassle free return policy within 30 days after delivery of your order. You will receive a refund on the monthly service charges and taxes. No refund will be provided for shipping costs or international charges.

Do I have 911 services?

For emergency calls, Voiply provides the Enhanced 911 feature which allows emergency call operators to know the address and number you’re calling from. However, you will need to keep your address and phone number records updated in our systems.

Do I need to sign a contract?

At Voiply, we don't have contracts. Choose our monthly or pre-pay annual plan for 20% savings.

Can I keep my current phone and number with Voiply?

Typically there should be no issue when using your existing phone number. Please chat with us with any questions.

Can I choose my own phone number?

Yes. When you sign up, you will be able to select from any of the numbers we have available.

Is internet included with your cloud communication system?

No, we do not provide internet services as a part of our plans. If you currently have your own ISP (Internet Service Provider), and you would have no problems with speed or reliability. We can get you set up right away.

Does my computer need to be on for me to make a call?

No, only if you are using our app only to connect calls. Otherwise, your computer does not need to be on. You can connect calls as long as you have internet access and a VoIP-enabled phone or smartphone.

What is Voicemail to Email?

Whenever you get a voicemail recording, this will be converted digitally into a .wav file and then automatically sent to your email address. This acts as both a reminder and a convenient digital format that you can save for later. It also means you can directly listen to voicemail messages from your computer.

Why should I switch to Voiply?

Voiply is a more affordable alternative than a traditional phone line. It functions the same way your current landline does, but offers many additional features.

How many calls I can make at a time?

With Voiply’s cloud communication system, you can make an unlimited number of calls. In contrast, a traditional phone system would require you to roll over lines just to manage multiple concurrent calls. This is one of the major strengths of our cloud communications systems. Your calls will never ring busy, even if you only have one phone and one phone number.

How much bandwidth will be needed for Voiply?

For VoIP calls, we recommend at least 100 kbps upload and download bandwidth per line.

What is an international virtual number?

An international virtual number is a phone number that isn’t directly associated with a phone line. Usually these can be used to forward calls to your main line. For example, this is great for callers in other countries because they can dial a local number to them, yet be connected to your primary number.

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