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Are you tired of being nickeled and dimed by your phone service provider? Are you looking for an affordable home phone service provider that won't break the bank? Look no further than Voiply.

Unlimited Calling - $7.16/month*
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Happy Family using a Voiply Voip Phone

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Features Included with Voiply Home Phone Service

Voiply has more features but is cheaper than the competitors.

International Calling

International calls with Voiply home phone services are Free to over 50 + country landline phone numbers. View our rates page.

Comscast service costs 5x more with less features

Port Your Number

Had your home phone number for years? Easily transfer for free or get a new number.

Verizon service costs 5.5x more with less features

Plug and Play Setup

When you receive your free Voiply adapter. The device is activated and ready to go. Simply plug the device into power and internet.

Voiply has more features but is cheaper than the competitors.

Enhanced E911

Voiply forwards your registered address to 911 dispatchers during emergencies.

Comscast service costs 5x more with less features

Spam Call Blocking

Our NoMoreRobo integration automatically blocks calls of known spam numbers with built in anonymous call rejection.

Verizon service costs 5.5x more with less features

Mobile App

Voiply Extraline is a mobile app that can be installed on your mobile device. Calls made from your mobile phone will use your Voiply number as your caller ID.

Panasonic Cordless Phone

Why choose Voiply residential phone service.

Do you ever feel like you're paying too much for your home phone service? If you have a landline, you're probably used to paying a monthly fee, plus extra for features like caller ID and long distance.

And if you have a traditional VoIP service, you may be paying even more. But what if there was a better way? With Voiply, you can get all the features of a traditional home phone service for just $7.16/month.

That's right - unlimited nationwide calling for less than $10 per month. Plus, with Voiply, there are no hidden fees or surcharges. So why not give us a try? You might be surprised at how much you can save.

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3 Step Simple Setup

Step 1.
First Step - Locate the Router

Locate Router

Step 2.
Step Two - Connect Router into Voiply Adapter

Connect Adapter

Step 3.
Step three - Connect Phone into Adapter and Start talking

Start Receiving Incoming Calls

People Love Us and we Love Them Back.

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“I researched a few VOIP phone providers before choosing VOIPLY. I had Vonage years ago, and a landline most recently.

I choose VOIPLY for the price, positive customer feedback, and options that meet my needs.“

Josi K

New York, NY

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Great Price! Great Service! After nearly two years of uninterrupted service, my VoiP Adapter failed. We could not make calls out, and all incoming calls went direct to our Voicemail. Thankfully, with Voiply’s email notifications that we have a voice mail, we never missed an important call. The technicians at Voiply helped I.D. the issue, and immediately shipped a new Adapter. Upon the easy change of Adapters, our phone was back to proper working order within minutes. Thanks Voiply!

John M.

Seatle, WA

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I had an issue with my new number, but when I notified Voiply they resolved it within moments. I am loving the call forwarding and the voice message/email transcribe features. The price is better than many other services as well. The setup online was easy, the equipment arrived in a timely manner, and was easy to install. Win/win.

Wilburta A.

Fort Worth, TX

Home Phone Frequently asked questions

What is Voip technology?

VoIP is Voice Over Internet Protocol. It allows you to make calls over a network, anywhere there is an internet connection available. It works just like a traditional landline. Voiply offers a great deal of features that traditional landlines cannot offer, and best of all, they’re free! Click this link to learn more.

Do I have 911 services?

For emergency calls, Voiply provides the Enhanced 911 feature which allows emergency call operators to know the service address and number you’re calling from. However, you will need to keep your address and phone number records updated in our systems. In the event of a power outage or internet outage emergency calls won't complete.

Does Voiply offer a mobile app?

Yes. With the Voiply app you can use your cell phone to make calls using your home phone service on any supported Android or IOS phone.

How easy is it to setup Voiply?

Setup only requires internet (modem/router) and about 5 minutes of your time! Our adapter is plug and play right out of the box, which means you can start making home phone calls and taking calls in record time!

Does Voiply offer a trial?

Yes, we have a hassle free return policy within 30 days after delivery on any of our phone plans. You'll receive a refund on the monthly service charges and taxes. No refund will be provided for shipping costs or international charges.

Will my internet work with Voiply service?

Almost all internet service works with Voiply. If you have any questions or concerns your before placing your order please reach out to our support center.

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