How VoIP Can Help Real Estate Agents Succeed

If you are a real estate agent, using the latest technology in your industry can help you succeed in a highly competitive industry. Accessibility is a key factor in the real estate industry, clients want the comfort of knowing you are available to them while they make one of the biggest decisions in their lives.

VoIP Paging / Security Systems

Paging systems are important because they can be used for all sorts of situations. Whether it is for schools, offices, certain facilities, dealerships, supply companies, or even manufacturers, you can use these systems to increase communications at your company and make talking to one another easier.

Why You Should Consider an Auto-Attendant

Having a telephone number is essential, irrespective of whether you will be running a large or small business. But what’s even more necessary is having someone to answer calls when prospects and clients call your number, lest you lose out on potential business. What if you don’t have a full time receptionist?

Find Me/Follow Me Calling & Forwarding

Running a successful business today requires employees to be mobile and not stuck behind a desk. Allowing your employees to be the face of your company creates trust and loyalty. VoIP offers a feature called Find me/ Follow me that gives you the freedom you need and never miss an opportunity again.

Hosted Fax / Internet Fax Service

Adding a Hosted Fax to your unified communications will change your business and excite your employees. Hosted Fax is as simple as attaching a document to an email, you access your fax portal and enter the fax number you are sending the document to and with a click – off goes your fax.

Understanding Your VoIP Speed Test

To ensure uninterrupted and clear HD VoIP calls, it is important to have a fast and reliable Internet connection. We recommend running a VoIP speed to confirm everything is in order on your network.

Protect Your Business Phone Systems from Disasters

A phone system disaster could leave countless clients and customers wondering what went wrong. Customers are 67% more likely to leave when they are unable to reach you during emergencies.

Why Retailers Need to Buy Into VoIP Phone Service

With reliable and effective customer service being a vital key to success for retailers, making yourself always available to your customers with clear HD audio sound can leave a first impression that creates comfort and loyalty.

Medical Practices Improve Satisfaction With VoIP

Many medical practices have upgraded to a VoIP system; doctors and staff have been pleasantly surprised with the system’s ease of use and how quickly they were able to adopt it. Read on to find out how VoIP is becoming the latest technology to better service patients.

VoIP Phones Revolutionize Schools

Schools across the country are adopting hosted VoIP. The days of leaving a message for the teacher in hopes that they receive the slip of paper from the office are gone. VoIP has engaged teachers and parents by introducing features offered in unified communications.

Save Time with VoIP Click to Dial / Call Feature

VoIP offers a range of features not otherwise available in traditional phone systems. The “Click to Dial/Call” feature is one of them. This is a plugin that is available in browsers that enable users to call a person on their phone by clicking on the person’s contact icon from their desktop.