Ana Pacamalan
Ana Soray Pacamalan is a dedicated mother who values a parent's love above everything else. She draws inspiration from the movie "Miracle in cell #7," which left a lasting impact on her life.
Customer Success

I am a dedicated mother who spends most of my free time with my son, and being a mom has taught me valuable lessons and values that have changed me in many ways. I believe in and live by the principle that a parent's love knows no boundaries.

One movie that left a lasting impact on my life is "Miracle in Cell #7". My role at Voiply has been a creative challenge, in a good way, since I came from a sales background. I have learned to multitask efficiently and develop new skills, which have helped me grow and succeed in providing excellent customer service.

There were challenges when I first joined Voiply, learning new techniques and working with colleagues who were experts in their field. However, the challenge was accepted, and my willingness to learn made me proud to be part of the team.

The best part of my role is providing assistance to customers, answering their queries, and resolving any issues they may be facing. I perfectly balance my work commitments and my responsibilities as a mother and ensure that I have enough time for family and personal activities. Saving money to build a home for my son and me is one of my current passions and goals.

My unique skills include possessing empathy and developing a strong work ethic. I'm grateful for my colleagues who have had a significant impact on my professional development by sharing their knowledge and experience. When I care about what I'm doing, work tends to be enjoyable, and I initiate independent actions to solve any customer problems. Lastly, staying up-to-date with changes in the industry and training myself for long-term success is crucial to personal and professional development.

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