April Joy Fraile
Talking to different individuals every day, helping customers, and receiving their appreciation are the best parts of my job.
Customer Success

As a Customer Success Representative at Voiply, I enjoy spending time with my family, especially with my nieces and nephew. The most important lesson I've learned is to understand each person's situation. While I don't read books, I find inspiring social media posts to be a great resource.

Working at Voiply brings out my creative side as I assist people and provide resourceful solutions to alleviate their concerns. I have faced difficult challenges at work, such as handling customers who question our capabilities, but I always approach them with empathy to understand their situation and provide effective resolutions.

The best parts of my job are engaging with different individuals every day, helping customers, and receiving their appreciation. By prioritizing my schedule and maintaining a work-life balance, I am able to pursue my passion for home improvement as well.

My unique skills include learning from every interaction, continuously improving my responses, and providing personalized and accurate solutions. While I don't have a specific mentor or leader, the people who have been part of my life have influenced me significantly.

Participating in activities that celebrate womanhood and empower women holds great meaning for me. I stay up-to-date with industry updates through online articles, professional organization connections, and actively seeking opportunities for growth and development.

Although my childhood dream profession was to become an engineer, my current role as a Customer Success Representative at Voiply is fulfilling and offers opportunities for my personal and professional growth.

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