Imran Saleem
Imran Saleem is a Solutions Architect at Voiply with a passion for helping others and constantly learning new technologies. In his previous role, Imran was mentored and able to transition from a mid-level to a senior-level role.
Solutions Architect

Hello, I'm Imran Saleem, a Solutions Architect at Voiply. Outside of work, I enjoy running, watching Netflix, and spending time with my family. An important lesson I've learned is to not take relationships and friendships for granted. The book "12 Rules for Life" had a significant impact on me.

Working at Voiply brings out my creative side because the constantly evolving business needs require creative and innovative solutions. I frequently face difficult challenges at work, and the key is to persevere and invest extra time and effort. Occasionally, I need to revisit and rethink my approach to overcome obstacles.

The best part of my job is working with the latest technologies while having the flexibility to prioritize my family time. I effectively balance work with family, social, and other commitments by utilizing flexible work hours to plan my day.

I'm passionate about helping the less fortunate in the community and raising awareness about mental health where there is limited knowledge and significant stigma. To stay motivated and achieve professional success, I focus on contributing to the smooth operation of the business and meeting expectations.

For someone new in a similar role at Voiply, I recommend being prepared to learn new tools and technologies and exploring different solutions tailored to the business needs.

In my current role, I provide solutions and development, particularly in payments-related research and development. I have successfully processed millions of dollars and improved processes. I introduced Trello to the team and have worked on various ad-hoc and research projects. My unique skills include quick learning, problem-solving, embracing change, and staying up-to-date with evolving business requirements in my profession.

I received support from a friend and mentor who helped me transition from a mid-level to a senior-level role in my previous organization. I am driven by projects and initiatives that enhance the customer experience and add value to the business.

To stay updated with industry changes and prepare for long-term success, I consistently seek out the latest technologies and trends, read relevant articles, and enroll in helpful courses. Lastly, my childhood dream profession was to join the military.

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