John Michael Dugenio
Working on challenging and complex projects at Voiply brings out his creativity, allowing him to find innovative solutions to problems. John stays motivated and committed to his success by continuing to try until he succeeds.
Customer Success & Bubble Developer

As a Customer Service Representative and Bubble Developer at Voiply, I work diligently to ensure our clients receive exceptional service and have access to cutting-edge technology. Outside of work, I find joy in embarking on road trips and exploring new sights. Kindness and respect towards others are values that hold great significance in my life.

Working on challenging and intricate projects at Voiply allows me to nurture my creativity and discover innovative solutions to problems. I encountered a difficult challenge when I faced a roadblock during the development of an application. However, through perseverance and an open mind, I explored every possible avenue until I achieved success. The best aspect of my job is being part of a positive work environment where colleagues and supervisors are supportive, friendly, and respectful.

I strike a balance between work, family, social engagements, and other commitments by practicing self-care and effective time management. Currently, my passion project revolves around developing bubble applications. My advice for staying motivated is to persistently strive for success. For newcomers at Voiply, I encourage them to maintain a positive mindset and never give up.

In my current role, I contribute to the creation of applications that assist our clients in making informed decisions. I believe my adaptability and eagerness to learn have shaped me into the professional I am today. The cancellation app holds great significance to me as it was my first project, and with the guidance of the team, I achieved success and built my confidence.

To stay updated with industry changes, I seek out mentors who can provide valuable guidance and support. Although my childhood dream was to be a firefighter, I am grateful for the opportunities and personal growth I have experienced while working for Voiply.

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