Shea Georgetti
Shea Georgetti is a co-founder and CEO at Voiply, where he leads a team dedicated to transforming communication in businesses. Inspired by books like Atomic Habits, The One Thing, and Goodbye Things, Shea values patience and positivity.
Co-founder and CEO

As the Co-founder and CEO of Voiply, my role is to lead a talented team of individuals who are dedicated to transforming business communication. Outside of work, I find joy in outdoor activities, spending quality time with my family, and tending to our small farm. Patience is a value that has profoundly impacted my life, and books such as "Atomic Habits," "The One Thing," and "Goodbye, Things" have been influential resources for me.

Working at Voiply ignites my creativity as we continuously strive to find innovative solutions and cater to our clients' needs. Despite the inevitable challenges we encounter, I maintain a calm and positive demeanor, always focused on finding solutions and propelling our company forward.

As a leader, one of the most rewarding aspects of my job is providing guidance and fostering relationships within the company. I take pride in nurturing the personal and professional growth of my colleagues. By working collaboratively towards common goals, we cultivate a strong team spirit and foster a culture of collaboration.

Balancing work with family, social, and other commitments is a priority for me, and I make it a point to ensure it happens. Passion for Voiply fuels my motivation and inspiration, while remaining humble and receptive to the ideas of others. To new employees in similar roles, I advise being attentive, embracing teamwork, demonstrating leadership qualities, and embodying kindness and honesty.

I possess unique skills and traits that contribute to my effectiveness as a leader, including being a team player, leader, kind, and honest. While I haven't had specific mentors or leaders who have shaped my professional journey, I stay updated on industry changes through active listening and continuous reading. Interestingly, my childhood dream profession was to be a farmer, which still influences my problem-solving approach and mindset today.

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