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Enhance Customer Service with VoIP Call Parking

For businesses that have multiple departments or service experts, call parking can help streamline the whole process while keeping the customers engaged. The call parking feature allows a call to be put on hold in a certain spot, or “parking space”, to be picked up by a specific department or the next available employee.

How does call parking benefit the customer?

Customers can be spared the time and hassle of being transferred from one person to another, or one department to another, by simple call parking. When a customer needs to reach a specific department and the lines are busy, the call stays “parked” for the next available employee to service. Call parking can inform the customer using a pre-recorded message of the company’s guarantee, specials or upcoming events. The customer is engaged to stay on the line knowing their call will be serviced. No need to make multiple calls, call parking helps the customer reach your business and not directed to a voicemail.

How does call parking benefit businesses?

Call parking increases customer satisfaction, the customer knows they are going to be serviced and will not have to make multiple attempts to reach you. Customers tend to hang up when their call is automatically directed to a voice mail, they are left with the feeling that your business does not have time for them. You have the ability to engage your customer and inform them of your business while they wait. Music on Hold is a feature used by most businesses to entertain their customer and encourage them to wait, calming music is usually a good option to set your customers frame of mind. Spreading the work load throughout your staff is a benefit of call parking, your staff becomes multi-functional and your employee productivity increases. This feature helps your customers reach you quickly which enhances your business opportunities.

Call parking is a feature used by businesses that offer multiple services or functions. It enables your customers to easily reach the area they are calling for. Call parking can easily be set up by your VoIP provider and you obtain complete control on the success of your communication system.

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