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What is E911 and why providing an accurate address is important?

What is E911 and why is it better?

E911 stands for Enhanced 911, and it is the part of the 911 service that automatically ties your telephone number to your registered E911 address when placing emergency calls.

With basic 911 calls, the operator does not have access to any information other than what you provide. Imagine someone having an emergency, they dialed 911 to get help but for some reason, he could not provide their physical address to the operator; either he panicked, his phone died, or was spotted by a felon. The operator, despite the willingness to help, cannot dispatch any emergency responders. However, with E911, 911 operators will receive the automatic location information of the caller, thus may still dispatch immediate help to the caller's address. The day is saved!

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Who uses E911?

Everyone should use E911, including private individuals, small to large businesses, universities, medical schools, and large business campuses. Think about the thousands of visitors to this place at the right time. The E911 system provides the necessary information to contact the emergency responders; this system provides more reliable services than normal 911. The E111 is a huge improvement over normal 911. Businesses must be prepared for disasters. Emergency response teams can find out when they reach the most vulnerable people using the e911, allowing them access to them at an efficient rate.

Unfortunately, a few people do not provide an accurate address (or use a P.O. Box as their billing address) when they sign up for phone service. When placing emergency calls, they may still get emergency help but not without providing their location to the operator. If for some reason, they are unable to do so, emergency services will have no way of locating them.

Are E911 chips real and can't they just track my address using it?

E911 chips do not exist. No one on the internet can track your location and send it to them. E911 is a system and not equipment. During a phone-based emergency call, the President issued a warning about the chip on his smartphone. Contrary to popular belief, Presidents have no power to send Presidential Alert systems, whereas wireless alert systems (WAS) do. The WEA is a one-way notification system that alerts us of Amber Alerts and Weather Emergency. Unlike the second scenario that only affects affected areas, the Presidential Alerts are delivered simultaneously throughout the whole of the country.

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Your E911 address and privacy

Phone providers are responsible for making sure the caller's telephone number is tied with their current address for the e911 service. Your address is safely stored in your provider's system and will only be provided to emergency personnel during an emergency. Unfortunately, the set address does not repopulate in the event the address changes. So if you just moved to another address, be sure to update your phone service provider of your new location.

VoIP E911 Solutions

A new report from Federal Communications Commission (FCC) calls for the use of all VoIP service providers for emergencies if possible. 911 systems were originally created for landlines so it is accessed from traditional phone firms. Unfortunately, the 911 systems and VoIP technologies are in no way symmetric. Fortunately, several VoIP provider upgrades are being implemented and new technologies are being developed along with new legislation that creates functional workarounds such as VoIP E911, which is a system that delivers 911 emergency services to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone users. With VoIP E911, VoIP services can offer their customers the same level of protection from emergencies as traditional landline phone users have.

How does VoIP E911 work?

When a 911 emergency call is placed from a VoIP phone, the VoIP E911 service provider sends the caller's location information to the nearest emergency response center. This information allows emergency responders to reach the caller as quickly as possible.

What are the benefits of VoIP E911?

VoIP E911 offers several benefits for VoIP phone users, including:

• Faster emergency response times.

• The ability to call 911 from any location.

• Enhanced protection in the event of an emergency.

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Is VoIP E911 available in all areas?

Unfortunately, VoIP E911 is not available in all areas. However, the phone numbers of areas where VoIP E911 is available is growing every day.

What are the costs associated with VoIP E911?

The cost of VoIP E911 service varies depending on the provider. Some providers charge a small fee for the service.

Is VoIP E911 compatible with my VoIP phone?

Yes, VoIP E911 is compatible with most VoIP phones. However, it is always best to check with your provider to be sure.

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What should I do if I need to make a 911 emergency call from my VoIP phone?

Simply dial 911 and the call will be routed to the nearest emergency response center. You can then give the dispatcher information relevant to the emergency such as the nature of the emergency, your name, and location so that the needed responders are better prepared and can reach you as quickly as possible.

VoIPLy's E911 solutions.

When signing up for a VoIPLy account, VoIPLy automatically ties your phone to your billing address, which enables the e911 service on your phone, so be sure to provide an accurate address. Your E911 address can be viewed or changed from your VoIPLy account's portal, see the steps below:

1) Log in to your portal and click the E911 icon.

Edit E911 info

2) Edit or view your E911 info from the pop-up box. Hit Verify Changes once you are done with your updates.

Edit E911 Address and Info

For questions, additional assistance and other concerns, please feel free to talk to our Support Team. Thank you for choosing VoIPLy!

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