Laks Mie Abuel
Laks Mie Abuel is a dedicated customer success representative at Voiply who takes pride in ensuring every customer receives the highest level of support.
Customer Success

As a Customer Success Representative at Voiply, my passion lies in delivering exceptional support and assistance to our customers. Outside of work, I prioritize rest, enjoy watching movies, and cherish quality time with my loved ones. A significant life lesson I've learned is to approach people with gentleness, recognizing that we may never truly understand the battles they're fighting. The 9-1-1 blog series has profoundly impacted me, shedding light on the challenges faced by emergency service professionals.

Working at Voiply has unleashed my creativity as I constantly strive to think outside the box, ensuring our customers receive the highest level of service. Overcoming challenging obstacles is an integral part of my role. When faced with irate customers or complex issues, I remain composed, practice active listening, and empathize with their needs to find effective solutions.

The flexibility of working from home and the unwavering support from my team are the highlights of my job. To maintain a healthy work-life balance, I prioritize and manage my time effectively. Celebrating small victories, setting attainable goals, and engaging in activities that bring me joy are key factors in staying motivated and inspired.

As a Customer Success Representative, I possess valuable skills such as patience, excellent communication, active listening, and problem-solving abilities. The guidance and influence of my college thesis adviser, mother, colleagues, and senior professionals have greatly contributed to my professional development. Additionally, initiatives like Angat Buhay, which combat poverty and extend assistance to those in need, inspire me in my spare time.

To stay informed about industry advancements, I utilize social media platforms, read relevant publications, and engage with educational videos. Although my childhood dream revolved around working in forensics, I am fully dedicated to providing unparalleled support to Voiply's customers and team members in my current role as a Customer Success Representative.

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