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6 Benefits of Renting / Leasing VoIP Phones

6 Benefits of Renting / Leasing Voip Phones

If you are looking to stay within budget online equipment or you are a new business, VoIPLy Phone Rentals offers flexible and affordable financing options. Leasing or renting phone systems help you receive a phone system or VoIP product to keep your business communications running effectively without spending capital costs.

Always have new phones

With leased or rented equipment, your phone system will stay up to date. If you have a lease on equipment and the lease expires, you can lease new phones. Your cash stays positive since the rental payments are matched to cash flow.

No down payment, everything included

Lease financing and renting phone systems requires no down payment and you enjoy affordable and 100% financing. You can lease or rent all of your equipment which will also include shipping, installation and service.

Choose a shorter or longer lease

You will always have flexible payment options that you design. Rental terms for phone systems are arranged around your cash flow and can run up to 72 months. You will also be able to predict your monthly phone expenses. You have a pre-determined monthly line item. This helps you budget more effectively.

Excellent tax benefits

Capital leasing or renting provides tax benefits for your business and you get the tax benefits of ownership.

Simple approval for 90% for businesses

It is easy to apply for financing and VoIPLy completes all the pre-approval paperwork so you just sign once the deal is complete and enjoy your new phone system.

Buyout for $1 after lease is complete

You can either purchase the equipment between lease payments using a fair-market value option and a $1 buyout option. FMV indicates that you can buy the equipment at the end of the lease for the fair market value. A $1 buyout option means the equipment is yours for $1 when the lease expires. Do note that with the $1 option, your monthly rent would be higher.

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