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Tips To Create Professional Business Voicemail Greetings

When customers reach a voicemail message of a business or service provider, the majority of them choose to hang up without leaving any message! Why is this? The reason could be simple: when people call you, they are expecting to receive instant resolution to their problem or get quick information on your business.

Giving the customer a first impression of not being available to them is bad news for businesses, and could result in a lost opportunity. So what can you do to engage your customers even if they reach your voicemail? How can you ensure that they don’t hang up but instead, either leave a message or go through the menu options that you have provided?

  1. Keep the greeting concise and precise. Create an informative message that will offer your customer quick information, for example your hours of operation.
  2. Have background music playing while the customer listens to the voicemail, this sometimes engages your customer and leaves a great first impression.
  3. To provide more detailed information, offer a voicemail menu with extensions for each service or product they are inquiring about. This will enable you to track the volume of calls not answered and what they were calling in reference to.
  4. Inject a fresh appeal with some humor in your message. This will automatically brighten the mood of your callers. Who says professionalism and fun don’t match?
  5. Keep your message relevant for the time of the day or season or holidays.
  6. Thank your customer for their call and a quick apology for not servicing them at that moment.
  7. Being specific about what information callers should leave in their messages makes it easier for them and for you. This will help expedite the process of customer service.

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