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Benefits of Call Screening and Called ID Name Identification

In today’s busy world, where time is of the essence and every second counts towards your productivity, call screening can help you significantly in managing your time and workload. This is done by giving you the option of seeing the details of your caller as the call is received.

Call screening can assist you in prioritizing your day. Telemarketing is a growing industry and reaching the decision maker for your company is their top priority. You can send unrecognized numbers directly to your voice mail so you are not interrupted during a busy day. Waiting for that important phone call from a prospective client, call screening can be used during that critical time when you only need to deal with one client on a specific day or specific time.

  • Many VoIP services offer the auto-receptionist feature which prompts callers to reveal their names and purpose of the call, which is especially useful if you get a call from an unknown number which may potentially be a crucial business opportunity or lead.
  • If you need to reject a call for a period of time, there is the option to send a message by text, which you can either record to be as default or type it according to the person and situation. This message will be converted to speech for the caller to hear using the latest technology in text-to-speech conversion.
  • You can use VoIP call screening to block calls that are repeatedly being a hassle for you. This can be used to block out numbers from specific area codes as well as from individuals. Telemarketers’ numbers can be identified beforehand and added to the block list. Beat the telemarketers at their own game to increase your productivity and protect your work flow and concentration.
  • By sending calls to your voicemail, you are better able to manage your workflow, attending to the most important calls immediately and less important calls later.

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