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Human Attendant

A Phone System with Real People

Small businesses are always busy. When the phone rings; everyone is scrambling to pick it up. Business owners answer nearly half of these calls. Over 78% of employees polled in our 2020 Work at Home Survey said unscheduled phone calls hinder productivity and take an hour or more away from their primary job responsibilities every day.

While enterprises invest in Chat Bots and Call Centers spending $1.3 trillion on 265 billion customer service calls each year. Human Attendant can give your customers a real human starting at twenty five cents per call.

The struggle.

John is a self-employed plumber. Before using Human Attendant his phone kept ringing all day. While fixing a leaky sink, his phone would ring and he’d hide in the hallway to pick it up quietly while scribbling notes on his pad. It was very frustrating and stressful for him as every call not answered could be a lost job.

What is Human Attendant?

A Human Attendant is an actual human who can take calls on behalf of your business. This new Voiply service ensures that you don’t miss any customers while better managing your workflow. The Human Attendant will answer general questions about your business and schedule appointments or transfer calls to you as needed.

Why not use a custom voice IVR with chat bot?

Many businesses are turning to digital technology, such as chatbots. These technologies scale at pennies per call but developing a conversational chatbot could set you back almost $30,000, and then take more time to tweak for it to understand the context of your business. Unless you have vast amounts of data and massive budgets, it will be challenging to create a genuinely conversational chatbot.

Human Attendant uses real people who can empathize with customers and add that personal touch, all while being knowledgeable about your business straight away. All of this comes for as little as $0.25 per call.

For plumbers like John, there is no need to excuse himself to take calls, no need to memorize important information on the go, or even having a phone that’s continually ringing. Human Attendant allows small business owners to focus on their customers.

How does Human Attendant work?

When a customer dials your business, Human Attendant will take the call. There is always someone available during the schedule that you choose. It is up to you to configure the questions, responses, follow-up questions, appointment setting, and call transfer strategy. The Human Attendants will be talking as though they are a part of your company and will provide excellent service to your customers.

Will customers like it?

For your customers, Human Attendant is seamless while elevating the appearance of your business.

Who are Human Attendants?

They are real people with an extraordinary combination of friendliness and a passion to help small business customers with their needs. Working in their home offices from the United States and 17 other countries spanning the entire globe and helping thousands of small businesses 24/7/365.

How to get started?

Make sure you sign up for Voiply Business Service. Customers can access Human Attendant inside their Voiply Portal under Call Scenarios options. Voiply provides templates for most business categories so it’s easy to get started and personalize it for your organization. Budgets can be managed on both a per call and weekly basis. There is no minimum monthly commitment and Human Attendant is free for your first 10 calls.

Ready to get started?

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