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7 Benefits of VoIP for Restaurants & Bars

Written by
Felix Yanko
Published on
January 18, 2023

For a restaurant, phone services have become the lifeline of their business and phones are used for answering customer inquiries about hours of operation, takeout orders, making reservations and advertising specials. With VoIP, restaurants can deliver an even better experience for their customers!

  • VoIP services offers an auto-attendant that can provide a customer with directions, hours of operation, daily specials, special events, entertainment and direct them to make reservations. A traditional phone line can do the same but with VoIP, each call transfer is free.
  • Imagine being able to create trends when your customers call. You can measure when you take the most calls for take-outs, reservations or how often customers check your hours. This can enable you to pinpoint your advertising efforts and get the most common information requested out to your customers.
  • VoIP services can be installed without the need for any new infrastructure or wiring as it is installed over your existing Internet service provider that you already have in place. This saves on costs and you get the most out of your broadband that you are already paying for.
  • If restaurants have multiple locations, there can be considerable savings on telephone and internet infrastructure as all these locations can be connected through a single VoIP platform.
  • VoIP can offer restaurant owners mobility giving them the freedom to grow their business instead of having to be there to run it. Always being accessible can provide peace of mind that in the event you are not at the restaurant, your vendors or providers can still reach you.
  • Extensions can be created so easy access to certain employees is established. This can reduce time and money reaching exactly who your caller needs to speak with.
  • With VoIP there is considerable savings on long-distance calls that is a huge cost savings especially for restaurants with multiple locations.
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