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Protect biz phone sys w/Voiply

Written by
Shea Georgetti
Published on
January 18, 2023

A phone system disaster could leave countless clients and customers wondering what went wrong. Customers are 67% more likely to leave when they are unable to reach you during emergencies.

All businesses, no matter what industry, size, or location, are highly dependent on telecommunications to stay in touch with business partners, clients, and customers. Businesses have to be accessible 24/7 and it’s often necessary to be reached at odd hours of the day or night in order to troubleshoot problems or offer solutions to customers and clients.

If you happen to conduct your business in a location that is prone to natural disasters or power outages, it is absolutely essential that you make your business phone system disaster proof! Successfully planning the continuity of your business communications is vital in the event of any unexpected or expected disruptions in the communications channels.

How do you ensure that business will keep going no matter what outage happens?

This is where cloud-based phone systems come into the picture. When there is an outage or emergency, your phone system is always up and it could be configured to failover to other numbers as a standby that never fails. Your clients and employees can continue to keep in touch as if nothing ever happened. With cloud-based phone systems your employees could also work from home during times of inclement weather, etc., thus making sure your employees are safe and unharmed. If you have multiple locations, calls can be routed to an alternate site of your choice that is unaffected at the time.

Whether your business is a small home-based business or a large corporation, keeping your phone system disaster safe should be top priority and can be done simply and reliably in the cloud.

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Shea Georgetti
Shea Georgetti is a co-founder and CEO at Voiply, where he leads a team dedicated to transforming communication in businesses. Inspired by books like Atomic Habits, The One Thing, and Goodbye Things, Shea values patience and positivity.
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