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Top Three VoIPLy Benefits That Increase Productivity

Felix Yanko


January 30, 2023

Is your business still stuck in the past using a legacy PBX system? You’ve probably never changed how your phone system worked since it was first put in. Your old school phone system creates limitation on communication internally, and across multiple locations. Whether you’re a business owner or an office manager. You’ve probably caught yourself asking, can my phone system be better? We've looked at 100 of our customers. Among our 50+ features, here are the top three.

  1. Auto Attendants
    Having an auto attendant inside your business allows your customers to reach the proper department on the first call in. Whether you’re a group of 5 to 100, there are still individuals that have different responsibilities. We can help you create a professional auto attendant recording. Just ask one of our customer success associates to get this done for FREE.
  2. Voice Mail to Email
    Talk about an effective time saver. If customers are calling your office to leave a voicemail, you wouldn’t be able to listen to that voicemail until you are in front of your office phone. Nowadays, since everyone uses emails, we can route any voicemail left on your phone to your inbox, where you can listen to it using any device that can access to your email.
  3. Music on Hold
    One of the many features we recommend to our customers. Why? Music on hold can also be called marketing on hold. Allowing you to market your product or service to any customer while they wait on hold. Whether you're marketing a product or service, ask one of our customer success associates on how to properly implement this into your business.

Just those 3 simple features of our VOIP platform outperforms any legacy PBX system. Upgrade your phone system today to unlock your communication potential.

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