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Brand Your Business With a VoIP Vanity Number

In today’s world of cell phones, memorizing phone numbers has become a thing of the past. Every number is at the tip of your fingers and just a click away. So how do you get a customer to remember your business number? Let’s look at what vanity numbers can do for your business.

What is a VoIP vanity number?

A vanity number is a local or toll-free number that has a combination of numeric and alpha characters. In some cases, a vanity number can be all numeric using repeated digits that are easy to remember (like 1111). Vanity numbers are used for marketing purposes so they can easily be remembered.

Why are vanity numbers easier to remember?

Isn’t it easier for you to remember words rather than numbers? Remembering a 10-digit string of numbers is far more challenging for the average person than remembering a combination of numbers and letters. This has to do with the way the human brain functions, as it remembers things by association. So if you are able to create a link between your business and your number, the more effectively it will remain in the minds of your target audience. So the next time they dial a number to call a service or order a product, it is more likely they will call your number first if it is one that they will easily remember.

What are the other advantages of VoIP vanity numbers?

Customers tend to contact a business when the phone number relates to the service they are looking for, it creates a sense of ease to contact you. Once potential customers know your number, they no longer have to look it up which makes your company their first choice for return business. VoIP vanity numbers are more cost effective and affordable than toll free numbers that are numeric and from traditional phone lines. Your VoIP vanity number remains exclusively yours. Outsmart your competition by creating instant recall for your customers. Large corporations like Fed-Ex (800-GOI-FEDEX) and 1-800 Flowers (800-FLOWERS) use vanity numbers because they work. Self-advertise using a vanity number. If you have a business that sells cupcakes, and you have a number that says 1-800-CUPCAKES, it is obvious what product is being sold. Vanity numbers increase your brand value and brand reputation because it gives your business a professional image.

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