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How to use SonicWALL with VoIP

Some providers say using a SonicWALL with VOIP can be too complex or challenging. At VoIPLy we simply say this is a router we support! We understand the complexities of VOIP and have engineers that understand how to properly route VOIP using SonicWALL appliances.

Some technical experience on the SonicWall

A common issue with SonicWALL when a new hosted VOIP solution is implemented, customers will experience one-way audio and dropped calls. A setting under “VoIP” "Consistent NAT" needs enabled, of course other factors with your VOIP provider may be different, but with VoIPly hosted VOIP service these settings are critical.

Another common setting that will cause call disruption is SIP Transformation. These settings are also under “VoIP” inside the SonicWALL. SIP Transformations transform SIP messages between the LAN (trusted) and WAN (untrusted). According to our findings with VoIPLy’s hosted VOIP solution; our SIP server is all located on the public (WAN) of the SonicWALL. All SIP clients (Phones) are all on the LAN side behind a SonicWALL. Having SIP Transformations enables the SonicWALL to go through each SIP message and change the private IP address and assigned port. Having these settings turned on will cause random call quality issues and dropped calls. From our experience, you do not want SIP Transformations enabled with our service.

VoIPLy Recommended SonicWALL Settings for VoIP

  • Enable Consistent NAT
  • Uncheck Enable SIP Transformations.
  • Setup LAN>WAN rule for UDP 5060 for SIP Priority
  • Bandwidth Management
  • Change Advanced Firewall UDP Settings to 90

Selecting the right SonicWALL for your needs

All models are not created equally.  It’s optimal to have a SonicWALL that is fast enough to handle all traffic on the network.  This includes computers, phones, wireless access points, etc., anything that uses it as the gateway.  The differences in the models are not only related to how many ports or VPN tunnels they offer, but also the amount of RAM, CPU speed, and throughput. If your SonicWALL is too slow to handle the entire network load, your VoIP quality will suffer. Using real world testing, VoIPLy has determined and recommends the following models based on our experience..

Top Supported Models

  • TZ 205/215 – Up to 25 computers and 25 phones - This model is adequate for smaller installations. The 215 has more ports and slightly more throughput, and is the least expensive model with a metal chassis.
  • NSA 220 – Up to 50 computers and 50 phones. Metal chassis and rack mount kit is available.
  • NSA 2600 – 100+ devices on the LAN – Rack mountable and very robust.

Please contact us for more information on how to setup SonicWALL for your VOIP service!

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