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VoIP Phones Revolutionize Schools

Schools across the country are adopting hosted VoIP. The days of leaving a message for the teacher in hopes that they receive the slip of paper from the office are gone. VoIP has engaged teachers and parents by introducing features offered in unified communications.

Here are some of the advantages of using VoIP in Schools:

  • Opens avenues for parents to communicate with their child’s teacher. The parent can call the teacher, leave a message that is sent to their email and alerts the teacher they have a message. No more slip of paper.
  • Gives the teachers mobility to move from classroom to classroom when teaching assignments change.
  • Use the Broadband you are already paying for- all schools today have internet service and never come close to using it to its capacity. No more copper wires any longer, simply plug the phones into your internet.
  • Video conferencing has been in use to help students connect to their peers in other countries. Imagine the French Class speaking to an English class in France.
  • With VoIP, students, teachers, and staff have access to the outside world in the event of any telecommunication failures of the traditional fixed phone lines, like an emergency or adverse weather conditions. The internet may go down but the phone system will always be running, allowing you to have the auto-attendant to inform callers about situation.
  • Huge cost reduction - not the most important on the list but is a fact over traditional phone systems. The funding for utilities that is provided to public school can be drastically cut.

The Government is aware of the benefits and the savings by implementing VoIP. Federal grants are made available to help schools making the transition from fixed the traditional phone system to VoIP. Schools pride themselves on teaching the latest technology, let’s take our head out of the cloud and put your phone system there!

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