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Top VoIP Cost Saving Benefits for Businesses

What are the typical VoIP cost savings?
We’ve published a whole study on how our average customer saves 55% when switching to VoIP. While the total amount of savings can depend by case, 99.99% of all customers see a reduction in their telecommunication expenses.

What does VoIP stand for?
It stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP is a method of making phone calls through the internet similar to Skype, Viber, and Google+. VoIP service has existed since 1991, and businesses have been replacing old-style phone lines every year to upgrade voice quality to HD Voice and get savings on their analog phone bills.

Which businesses are using VoIP?
VoIP is being used throughout the world by small to medium businesses and large corporations because of its benefits and cost savings. VoIP is currently 60% of market share in 2015 and growing by 10-15% per year, so if your business hasn’t switched, it’s time to consider it this year. How can VoIP cost savings be so extreme? All you need is a phone and we include the Voiply Mobile/Desktop App for free. Our infrastructure is built in the cloud to be efficient, secure, and scalable. We pass these savings directly to our customers.

The Mostly Known Benefits Are:

  1. HD Voice
    To be very simple, HD voice makes everything better. HD voice call delivers twice the sound of narrowband one, so there is more information provided for the brain to process. Although it sounds like a bad thing, it is actually the opposite. Having more information to process, the brain is able to better comprehend, which prevents fatigue.
  2. Voicemail to Email
    When listening to a voicemail on a desk phone, you’ll often listen to the entire message multiple times to catch every vital detail. If there are phone numbers, account numbers, credit card information, or other detailed data being left in the voicemail, you’ll have to listen to the entire voicemail many times in order to hear everything. With voicemail to email, you'll have the advantage of listening to your voicemails using your cell phone or computer, wherein you can easily rewind to certain parts of the message in case you missed a detail.
  3. Integration with CRM
    With CRM integration, you can expect accurate customer information to pop up from your CRM every time an incoming or outgoing call occurs. This information correlates the phone number of the customer and expedites the entire customer service process. With accurate information directly accessible, this type of VoIP integration saves time and makes customer service more efficient.
  4. Easy Management & Reporting
    Simply manage your entire hosted VoIP PBX system through a web browser and on your mobile device. Our detailed reporting also breaks out calls by extension, group, and phone number to give deeper insight on daily business activities.

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